Your mental health

Atnaujinta: 2023-11-20
Autorius: Tony Westbrook, Chris Brady

Today in the UK, one in four of us are impacted by mental illness. But while awareness has increased rapidly in recent years, not enough is being done to widen our understanding of these conditions.

With expert research from MQ, one of the UK's leading mental health charities, and Enigma Wellness, Your Mental Health shines a spotlight on the symptoms, triggers and treatments you need to know about.

Focusing on five mental health conditions - depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders and self-destructive behaviour - Your Mental Health explains the science behind these conditions with engaging graphics, figures and facts.

Combined with real life experiences from figures including podcaster Gemma Styles and political strategist Alastair Campbell, this clear, accessible guide will demystify the complexities of mental health to give you a better understanding of the 'quiet crisis'.

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