Telephone tales

Atnaujinta: 2021-11-16
Autorius: Gianni Rodari

The Italian Author Gianni Rodari wrote many beloved children‘s books and was awarded the prestigious Andersen Prize. But he was also an educator for paramount importance in Italy and an activist who understood the liberating power of the imagination. He is one of the twentieth century‘s greatest authors for children, and Italy‘s greatest. Influenced by French surrealism and linguistics, Rodari stressed the importance of poetic language, metaphor, made-up language, and play. The relevance of Rodari‘s works today lies in his poetics of imagination, his humanist yet challenging approach to reality, and his themes, such as war and peace, immigration, injustice, inequality, and liberty. Forty years after his death, Rodari‘s writing is as powerful and innovative as ever. He died in Rome in 1980.

VALERIO VIDALI is an Italian illustrator and picture book author, whose work has received numerous recognitions. His book The Forest (Enchanted Lion, 2018) was a New York Time‘s Best Illustrated book of 2018, as was his book Jemmy Button, in 2013. His work has also received the Grand Prix of Ilustrarte, the International Biennal of Illustration; the CJ Picture Book Award; as well as honors from the American Society of Illustrators and the Bologna Children‘s Book Fair. His latest book Hundred (Kein&Aber 2018) is currently nominated for the German Children‘s Literature. Valerio currently lives and works in Porto, Portugal.

ANTHONY SHUGAAR is a writer and translator, working out of Italian and French. He once interviewed the creator of Topo Gigio.

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