I. Simonaitytės bibliotekoje Jūs galite sutikti savanorį iš Austrijos Jan`ą, kuris mums padės ir draugiją palaikys net 11 mėnesių. Nepraeikite, susipažinkite!

 „My name is Jan. I’m 18 years old, from a tiny unknown town in the middle of the majestic Austrian Alps, and currently volunteering in the Simonaitytes library here in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Now you might ask yourself what a recently graduated teenager from Australia… uhm Austria is doing in a place this far away from ...home and, to be fair, that’s a quite reasonable question. Over the course of the next 11 months I will be serving my European Voluntary Service (EVS) by doing all kinds of different activities in and around the library. The main reason for my choice to participate in this project was to gain new experiences, in a country I’ve never been to and which doesn’t resemble anything I’ve seen so far, mainly because I haven’t figured out what to do with my high school degree just yet. So far Lithuania hasn’t let me down. Not only was I open-heartedly welcomed by all the librarians but it also seems like the beautiful and almost entirely flat landscape offers the perfect opportunity to broaden my horizon both in literal and metaphorical way.
For now, I can only say that I am extremely excited about how my adventure will go and that I hope that I won’t be mumbling, „Do you speak English… or German?” for much longer when I’m asked what I want to order.“

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